The second day of Finovate Spring 2016 provided over 30 presentations on a range of perspectives across digital on-boarding, roboadvice, data analysis and security.  As with day 1, a common theme seemed evident:  a combination of digital self service + human interaction + artificial intelligence.

I’ve previously written about a selection of Day 1 presenters; here are a few highlights from Day 2.


I think Silver6 was one of the stand-outs of the conference; and I wasn’t alone:  they won one of the ‘best of show’ awards.

So what was so impressive?  Personalised ‘Videos-as-a-Service’.

We’re all familiar with personalised direct mail and personalised email.  It seems to have died off in recent times but a few years back you couldn’t open your mail box without getting DMs for everything from credit cards to foot baths.

Well, Silver6 offers personalised videos (fortunately not solely for foot baths):

  • establish an initial story board for your video
  • select imagery and voice
  • refine the script
  • upload the database of recipients
  • that’s it.

They then produce a suite of videos, all based on your standard theme, but each personalised to the particulars of the individual you are addressing.

The examples shown in the presentation relate to an investment update; each video incorporating personalised messages for each recipient and highlighting information about their specific portfolio returns.

It seems pretty simple, although I’m sure the devil’s in the detail.

Here’s the video; have a look yourself and see what you think.

DigiByte Holdings

DigiByte Holdings builds blockchain projects.  At Finovate, they presented on the underlying platform they have developed to support those projects and their message was simple:  ‘use them to help build out your blockchain project’.

Think of it as ‘blockchain-as-a-service’.

Nudata Security

Nudata Security presented on its security monitoring platform which assists to identify instances of online and mobile fraud.  The solution monitors remote system access and can help to identify if the user is:

  • a real person or a bot; or
  • the real user or somebody else.

It does this by monitoring the characteristics of online access sessions and applying real-time behavioral analytics of biometrics such as key strokes, key pressure, typing speed, etc.

Advisor Software

Advisor Software is a good example of the key theme evident across the conference:  the confluence of digital self-service, AI and personal service.

Advisor Software provides wealth management APIs and software for ‘wealth managers’ (financial planners/advisors).

Their key product is a SaaS investment advisory platform that allows advisors to setup and manage their own digital investment services.  Advisors can create/customise an entire digital roboadvisor front end with no code.

Think of it as ‘roboadvice-as-a-service’.

The service combines:

  • digital self service;
  • roboadvice; and
  • the ability for advisors to personally interact with investors through the platform.


SwipeStox positions itself as ‘Tinder for share trading’!

The company pays traders to publish their own trades on the SwipeStox app.  Other investors on the platform can then view these trades in real-time.  If I’m using the app, I get instant insight into trading behavior being undertaken by investors I follow.

Then, if I like the trade I’ve seen, I can copy it:

Swipe right to emulate.  Swipe left to ignore.


Comarch showed a wealth management app using virtual reality.

While the solution might be a bit ahead of its time in 2016, I guess the question is, just how far ahead?

Have a look at the presentation below and decide for yourself.

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